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Dear Diary, Elisa finds out she has a half sister in the new photo set: Dick Sisters Meat. Dana is so surprised to see that her half sister is as well endowed as she is. The girls know they have to explore their sisterhoods together.

Dear Diary, Kelsey teaches Becky and Holly a lesson in sex education in the video: Nympho New Girl. Kelsey is trying to impress the popular girls in school, Becky & Holly but they don't seem to be giving her much attention until she starts talking about and sex and how much she loves it. When Kelsey tells the girls that her favorite thing is a facial, they pretend that they know what she's talking about. Holly convinces Kelsey to show her what it feels like to have a girl suck her cock. Abby, who doesn't want to be left out also lets Kesley suck and tug her long shaft. She even tells them that if they continue, they can even cum! Holly is very curious about this cumming thing so she strokes herself off until she unleashes a huge load of jizz all over Kelsey's cock. Kelsey returns the favor by giving Holly her first ever facial!

Dear Diary, Abby goes from big cock to bigger cock in the new photoset: Maximum Jizz Bliss. Her cock just wasn't creating enough cum for her to cover herself, so she went bigger and got the enormous full body self bukkake.

Dear Diary, Brenda is thirsty for cum in the new video: Cock Woman Wanking. She teases with her rock hard cock and she strokes it in front of you as you eagerly watch. Then she stands over you and tells you to lick her balls. To reward you for you, she jacks herself off and gives herself a giant facial. But she's not quite done yet...she gets up and shoots even more cum out!

Dear Diary, Connie wanks her wieners in the new photoset: Cumming with Two Cocks. She gives herself an epic facial with not one but both of her dongs simultaneously!

Dear Diary, Jill wants you to stroke it with her in the new video: Jacking off with Jill. She really gets turned on when she has someone to jack off with. She talks dirty about her cock and tells you how she wants you to stroke your cock. She pulls down her shirt and plays with her tits and nipples while she's giving you instructions. She stands over you while she points her hard shaft down on you. Then, she jerks herself off hard and fast as she unloads a giant wad of creamy cum all over herself for your viewing pleasure!

Dear Diary, Kelsey tries to fit in with Holly and Becky in the photoset: Nympho New Girl. She shows off her sexual skill in attempt to get the girls to like her.

Dear Diary, Summer and Elisa are bored broads who are horny with a foot and shoe fetish in the new video: Kinky Hardcore Housewives. Summer invites Elisa over and tells her that shoe shopping is the only thing that gets her through her sham marriage and the two girls begin to sniff shoes together. They get off by rubbing the shoes all over their hard cocks, licking the heels of their shoes, then running their feet up and down each other's shaft. Elisa turns around and lets Summer fuck her from behind. Then she gets on her back and Summer stuff more of sausage into Elisa's snatch wile sucking on her toes. Summer jerks off and cums all over Elisa's cock as she gives her a foot job. Then Elisa lets her cum loose from her enormous dick all over the floor!

Dear Diary, Brenda gives you a show and jerks off for you in the new photoset: Cock Woman Wanking. She is a horny dickgirl that just loves squirting all over herself while you watch!

Dear Diary, Sarina shows you how slutty she can really be in the new video: Nympho Draining her Nuts. She knows you're watching her and it doesn't bother her at all. She knows that her cock is bigger and better than yours so she gives you a little pleasure by allowing you to watch her as she jerks herself off. Her nuts are full of cum and she just wants to empty it all over herself for your viewing pleasure.

Dear Diary, Jill Jackoften lives up to her name in the newest photo update: Jacking off with Jill. She pulls out her cock and tits and really goes to town on her own dong!

Holly & Abby give out sex advice in the new video: Sex Tutorial TV Show. On this installment, they talk about size differences amongst partners. Holly is considerably taller than Abby but they show their audience how they can make sex work between the two. They shove the other girl's cock down their throat in a 69 demo. Then they take turns mounting and tit fucking each other. Holly rides Abby's thick rod until her cock spews hot jizz everywhere. She give Abby a huge cum shower!

Dear Diary, Summer and Elisa show off their love for shoes, feet, and cock in the new photoset:
The two fine futa ladies jerk each other off and cum everywhere!

Dear Diary, are superficial hotties full of cum in the new video: Conceited Cock Queens. They walk in and start talking about how hot and amazing they both are. No one can compare to their cocks or their beauty. All this talk turns them on so they naturally start sucking on each other's cocks. Then, Becky hops on Pamela's penis and rides it like she's at an amusement park. She wraps her serpent dong around Pamela's extra thick choad and Pamela starts fucking it. Pamela then take her own ride on Becky's cock. Becky strokes her cock until she unloads tons of cum like a water fountain. Being a good friend, Becky helps Pamela release her giant cum wad.

Dear Diary, Sarina and her giant gonads are back in the new photoset: Nympho Draining her Nuts. She's alone and horny so naturally, she buts a nut all over herself in a most epic facial.

Dear Diary, Jill and Connie discover their affection for each other in the new video: Slut Sex Sleep Over. The two girls come back from a date and start flirting and confess how much they are attracted to one another. In no time, they are making out, comparing cocks, and sucking each other's dicks. Jill tit fucks Connie and then tries to stuff her tight pussy with her thick shlong. Then Connie returns the favor by fingering Jill's pussy while she uses a vibrator on her clit and strokes her cock. Jill turn over on all fours and lets Connie fuck both her holes at once. Connie is so turned on by the double penetration that she cums all over Jill. Jill in turn cums all over Connie and the two rub their cummed on bodies together.

Dear Diary, Abby and Holly show you how to sex up your partner in the new photoset: Sex Tutorial TV Show. The two girls star in their own television show that helps viewers become better lovers.

Dear Diary, new model Kelsey makes her video debut in: Passionately Loving her Penis. Kelsey is madly into her penis and would do anything to satisfy its insatiable appetite to cum all the time. She talks to her penis, strokes it, and tries to stuff as much of it into her mouth as possible. She jerks herself off until her penis cums all over her face.

Dear Diary, Becky & Pamela are so hot and they know it in the new photoset: Conceited Cock Queens. These two beauties wax over how lovely and well endowed they are.

Dear Diary, Abby gives herself some love in the new video: Stroking Off Selfie. She is making a porno with her favorite person in the world: herself. She strokes herself off, plays with her buxom boobies, and gets herself ready for a mountain of cum that explodes in her own face.

Dear Diary, Connie Couplecocks makes her debut along side JIll in the new photo set: Slut Sex Sleep Over. The two girls have been secretly eyeing each other for some time and finally get down when they hop in bed together.

Dear Diary,
Jessica and Summer have a little disagreement on who the fittest dick dame is in the new video: Roommate Rod Rivalry. Summer patronizes Jessica for being too young and inexperienced while Jessica feels like Summer is no longer a spring chicken. The settle it the best way that either knows how... a dick duel! They stroke each other's shafts trying to see who blows first. Jessica starts sucking on Summer's sausage and then they 69 one another. Summer's experience is too much for Jessica and she starts erupting in cum first. To the victor gives the facial. Summer drenches Jessica's face in her victory jizz.

Dear Diary, So happy to introduce my newest dick girl darling, Kelsey Kingdong! She makes her photo debut in the new set: Passionately Loving her Penis. Kelsey is her dick's biggest fan and does anything to please its horny desires.

Dear Diary, Jill makes her video debut with Pauline in the new video: Friends that Fuck Feverishly. Jill is a little ashamed that both her tits and cock are not as big as Pauline's. Pauline, being a good friend helps Jill out by stroking her cock and telling her that they will work on getting Jill bigger. Jill shows her gratitude by opening up her mouth and sucking on Pauline's dick. Pauline lets Jill fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her face. Not to be ungrateful, Jill lets Pauline fill up her pussy with her cock. Pauline cums into her condom and breaks the hot jizz all over Jill's body.

Dear Diary, Abby is the queen of self loving in the the new photo set: Stroking Off Selfie. She is her biggest fan and get off on filming herself.

Dear Diary, Tina seduces Sarina and her giant nuts in the new video: Babe Obsessed with Big Balls. Sarina is at the bar minding her own business when Tina notices her giant scrotum sack and approaches her. She's a little annoyed that Tina can't keep her eyes off of balls. Tina knows how to get her way and in no time, she's licking and loving on Sarina. She gets to fuck her nut cleavage and even sticks her long rod into Sarina's pussy. Then she nuts all over her nuts. In exchange, Sarina gives Tina a full jizz facial!

Dear Diary, Summer and Janeen have a workout competition in the new photoset: Roommate Rod Rivalry. The two girls are competitive and try to out cock each other.

Dear Diary, Vampires Janeen and Sabrina seduce Mandy in the new video: Cum Craving Vampires. The two vamps need to keep their beauty alive by keeping a constant supply of cum and Janeen is having problems producing. They bring in Mandy to satisfy their cum needs. Her youth and innocence is ideal for them. They seduce her with their magical ways and in no time, she is sucking on Sabrina's cock and plunging her huge wiener into Sabrina's gaping pussy hole. Janeen, ever eager to please her mistress sucks on Sabrina's cock as she's getting fucked. They try and coax the cum out of Mandy's cock. Unfortunately for Janeen, Mandy's cum didn't come in time so she faded and vanished into thin air. Sabrina, fearing her demise begs for Mandy to cum all over her. Thankfully Mandy is full of jizz for Sabrina and she returns the favor by cumming all over Mandy as well!

Dear Diary, Jill Jackoften joins the ranks of other dickgirls in her photo debut with Pauline: Friends that Fuck Feverishly. The two hotties get it on hot and steamy!

Becky is hung, horny, and home alone in the new vdieo: What Dick Girlfriends Do Alone. She has a quiet day in and wants to watch her favorite porn. She turns on the television and start jerking herself off. Annoyingly, she keeps on getting a call but she doesn't let it prevent her from cumming. She wags her cock around, sucks on it, and jerks it until a huge eruption of jizz explodes from her cock head.

Dear Diary, Tina seduces Sarina and her giant nuts in the new photoset: Babe Obsessed with Big Balls. Tina can't get enough of Sarina's giant sacks and she wants all the jizz she can get out of them!

Dear Diary, new model Holly makes her video debut in the new video: Wiener Wanking Workout. Dick goddess Holly shows you how to maintain your fitness and erection all at the same time! She shows you how to keep your legs an ass firm by doing exercises on the yoga ball. But her yoga ball has a way of pleasing her pussy too. She rides the ball and fuck herself with it. She also strokes her hard dick until she erupts in a mountain of hot steamy cum!

Dear Diary, Mandy falls prey to vampires Janeen and Sabrina in the new photoset: Cum Craving Vampires. Sweet, innocent Mandy falls for the mystical powers of the two nighttime temptresses.

Dear Diary, Claire and Polly are helpful hoes in: Jerk Off Support Group. They two horny hotties are hosting a jack off support group to show people how to jack off and bust a nut properly. They eagerly show you how to stroke off yourself as well as others. They also show you how to edge yourself so that you train yourself not to cum right away. They take turns showing you how to properly give and receive a huge facial.

Dear Diary, Becky goes full cock solo in the new photoset: What DIckGirlfriends Do Alone. She get chatty on the phone and cums a full load.

Dear Diary, Tina is a proper woman but horny desires she can't hide in: Prude Giving into her Penis. She sits down for afternoon tea and wants to just relax, however, her hard dick is too much for her to resist. She pulls it out from under her proper skirt and she starts giving herself a blow job. She undresses herself, showing off her tits and hard nipples. Forgetting that she is a lady, she swings her long cock back and forth and notices that you've been watching her. She's kind of turned on by your watching her and she asks you to join her in masturbating. She strokes herself off and gives herself a giant facial and swallows as much as her own juicy cum herself.

Dear Diary, Blonde dick godess Holly Hotdong makes her debut in the new photoset: Wiener Wanking Workout. Holly shows viewers how she maintains her sexual strength using a dildo workout ball and cumming on herself.

Dear Diary, Brenda and Pixie are horny thugs that battle Elisa in the new video: Super Heroine Shlong Showdown. Brenda and Pixie love to plunder and pillage as much as they like to fuck and cum. Elisa comes and tries to thwart their evil plans. Their filthy slutty ways are too much for Elisa to bear, so she succumbs to their cocks. They turn her into a cum hungry slut as they shove their giant cocks into her hero pussy. They unload all their evil cum onto her Elisa. The two girls start stroking her giant cock and the she cums all over them turning them into good girls with her justice cum.

Dear Diary, Claire Cucumber makes a cameo along side Pauline in the new photoset: Jerk Off Support Group. The two dickgirlies come together to cum together.

Dear Diary, Sarina makes her video debut in the new video: Girl Growing Giant Gonads. Sarina has an insatiable appetite for jerking off and she is always concerned that her dick isn't big enough. She goes and finds someone who sells her elephant viagra and she decides to take it all. It works wonders and she ends up with a giant cock but even bigger balls. She's so happy with her new transformation that she celebrates by emptying her massive nuts and giving herself a giant facial!

Dear Diary, Tina solos in the new photoset: Prude Giving in to her Penis. Tina is a proper lady and she tries to maintain that facade, however, her penis proves that it rules all.

Dear Diary, Pamela tells you how she likes to jerk herself off in the new video: Colossal Cock Meat Self Cum. Pamela tells you that she just wants to please you and wants to be your dirty little slut. She strokes her massive wiener while you watch her. She tells you to get on your knees and lick her cock tip. She gets on her back and pitches her dick as you ride on it. She counts down and tells you to cum her mouth when she gets to zero. After you cum, she takes her turn and cums all over her face and body.

Dear Diary , Brenda and Pixie try and turn Elisa to the dark side in the new photo set: Super Heroine Shlong Showdown. Elisa has as super sized cock and some super powers which she uses to take down evil doers.

Dear Diary, Rachel shows off her cooking abilities to Lana, Sabrina, and Porsha in the new video: Cum Food Tasting Party. Rachel starts off the first course of salad but she recruits Lana to dress the crispy greens with her hot load. All the girls get involved and they milk her dicks until she explodes all over the salad. For the second course, Rachel has Sabrina jizz into a sauce pan to make a creamy cum chowder. Finally, Porsha finishes with dessert by glazing her delicious cum all over some pastries. They feed each other their cum soaked food.

Dear Diary, I am so happy to introduce everyone to my new dick girl addition, Sarina Scrotumax! Sarina is an ebony beauty with a giant cock to match her giant personality. She stars in the new photo set: Girl Growing Giant Gonads.

Dear Diary, Jessica fulfills her dream of a bigger cock in the new video: Chick Getting a Huge Choad. She goes in for dick enlargement surgery and comes back with a giant new dick. She is super excited about her new dick job and it also makes her so much hornier. She strokes her new cock and realizes that she should have gotten a bigger dick. She goes back again and gets an even bigger dick job. She's finally satisfied with her new size and she tests it out by jerking herself off until she erupts in a massive amount of cum.

Dear Diary, Pamela makes a mess of herself in the new photoset: Colossal Cock Meat Self Cum. Pamela loves to talk dirty to you. It really turns her on. So much that she gets so worked up she self pleasures until she cums all over her own face and body.

Dear Diary, Tina and Summer try to get Pauline to do her job in the new video: Maids that Need to Get Laid. Pauline is a lazy maid that doesn't want to work and all she wants to do is take selfies in her cute maid outfit. Pauline thinks that she can get away with everything because she has great cock sucking abilities. She demonstrates on Summer and Tina's big hard-ons. This only makes Pauline more irreverent and horny. She opens up her pussy so that Summer can fuck her while she continues to suck on Tina's cock. Summer gets so worked up, she cums all Pauline's willing face. Tina takes her turn jerking herself off until she also cums all over Pauline's face too! Pauline is so horny that too wants to cum on her own face. The girls fight over Pauline's cum as she jizzes everywhere!

Dear Diary, Lana, Sabrina, and Porsha dine in with cum chef Rachel in the new photo set: Cum Food Tasting Party. All the girls are very cum hungry and horny so they join Rachel in her sex kitchen for some steamy treats.

Dear Diary, Cathy seeks out professional help from Mandy in the new video: Ejaculate Hypnosis. Cathy has problems cumming so she goes to Mandy to help her out. Mandy hypnotizes Cathy and gives her hands on treatment. She strokes her cock and sucks on it until it's throbbing and ready to burst in a cum explosion. Then she has Cathy fuck her in different positions until Mandy herself cums from being fucked so hard. When the time comes, Mandy tells Cathy to let loose and her balls burst with a huge load of jizz!

Dear Diary, Jessica gets herself a larger appendage in the new photo set: Chick Getting a Huge Choad. Even though Jessica already has a massive cock, she wants bigger and better and that's exactly what she gets!

Dear Diary, Becky and Pamela meet off of an online dating site in the new video: Girls Dating Just for Dick. The two girls meet at a bar and notice each other's giant cocks right away. They make small talk but they both know what is on the each other's mind. They get down and dirty right away. They compare rub down each other's equally impressive cocks and wag them back and forth while dancing. Becky rubs her hard serpent dong into Pamela's butt cheeks until she cums into their cocktail glasses. Pamela take giant swigs of the hot, juicy cum and spits it back onto her cock. Then Becky gets onto her knees and strokes Pamela's cock until she spews a mountain of jizz into her face. She gets entirely glazed in Pamela's cum!

Dear Diary, Tina, Pauline, and Summer are dirty cleaners in the new photoset: Maids that Need to Get Laid. Tina and Pauline just want to get work done but they find it really distracting when Pauline just wants to fuck around. And of course, they all end up in a giant facial, fucking session!

Dear Diary, Becky and Pamela meet off of an online dating site in the new video: Girls Dating Just for Dick. The two girls meet at a bar and notice each other's giant cocks right away. They make small talk but they both know what is on the each other's mind. They get down and dirty right away. They compare rub down each other's equally impressive cocks and wag them back and forth while dancing. Becky rubs her hard serpent dong into Pamela's butt cheeks until she cums into their cocktail glasses. Pamela take giant swigs of the hot, juicy cum and spits it back onto her cock. Then Becky gets onto her knees and strokes Pamela's cock until she spews a mountain of jizz into her face. She gets entirely glazed in Pamela's cum!

Dear Diary, Tina, Pauline, and Summer are dirty cleaners in the new photoset: Maids that Need to Get Laid. Tina and Pauline just want to get work done but they find it really distracting when Pauline just wants to fuck around. And of course, they all end up in a giant facial, fucking session!

Dear Diary, Priscilla is one horny office worker in the new video: Secretary into Her Sex Organ. She has a ton of work that needs to be done, but more importantly, she needs to rub one out. She caresses her giant boner through her stockings. She pitches a tent in her pantyhose and starts to vigorously stroke her cock until she cums all over her monitor and workstation!

Dear Diary, Cathy is mesmerized by Mandy's huge cock in the new photoset: Ejaculation Hypnosis. Cathy goes to see Mandy for treatment and Mandy gives her the full service.

Dear Diary, Abby and Lana get it on in the new video: Fucking Her While She Phones. The two girls are obsessed with their phones and can't tear their attention away from them, even though they are horny as hell and need to get off. Lana comes in super horny, but Abby is busy texting. Lana rails her with her rock her penises, but Abby doesn't flinch away from the screen even as she's being cummed all over! Abby finally comes to and wants to fuck Lana, but then Lana gets on her phone and just lets Abby do whatever she wants while she plays her favorite phone game. Lana gets a full load of cum on her face but she still continues to look at her phone!

Dear Diary, Abby and Pamela have a rendezvous in the new photo set: Girls Dating Just For Dick. The two hotties go out with one another and find that they have their horniness and hard-ons in common.

Dear Diary, Pixie seduces pious nuns Brenda and Elisa in the new video: Secret Slut Nun Convent. Pixie comes to the two sisters to confess that she has an insatiable appetite for sex. Elisa is very upset by the news and she leaves from disgust. Brenda understands Pixie's problems and she reveals that she too is a closet slutbag. The two dick girls lust for one another, sucking each other's dicks and Brenda penetrates Pixie's pussy with her hard cock. Elisa walks in and sees what's going on and the other two girls undress her to find that she's also hiding a giant secret under her frock. They give her exactly what's she's been needing, and that's a deep fucking with Pixie's extra long serpent cock. Elisa bounces up and down on Brenda's cock until she releases all the pent up cum from her throbbing balls. Brenda unloads her holy load all over Pixie's face and tits. Then Pixie uses her firehose cock to cover the two nuns in her hot jizz.

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Dear Diary, Thera makes her solo debut in the new video: Sultry Woman with Stiffy. Thera is alone in her room. She slowly works herself up as she sitting down on the sofa. Then she leans back in ecstasy as she gets herself off. She stands up and shows off her statuesque physique as the viewers sits below her. She continues to stroke herself off until she cums all over natural tits and beautiful face.

Dear Diary, Abby and Lana take selfies while sexing each other up in the new photoset: Fucking Her While She Phones. They are completely narcissistic but still need a good release of cumming and facials.

Dear Diary, Pauline, Tina, & Summer dress up as horny jack rabbits in the new video: Frenzied Fuck Bunnies. They role play as furries that just want to fuck. They take turns sucking each other's cocks two on one and in a three way suck off. Summer shoves her cock into Tina's vagina to see how far down the rabbit's hole she can go. Then it's Pauline's turn to give Tina's hole a try. She fucks Tina so good that she starts cumming all over Pauline's chest. Wanting to get in on the action, Summer take's Paulines long cock as she sucks Tina's wang. Summer's tight pussy makes Pauline cum everywhere! Finally Pauline takes a ride on Summer's sausage until Summer jizzes all over the other two sex bunny's asses.

Dear Diary, Brenda BatterRam makes her debut with Elisa and Pixie in the new photoset: Secret Slut Nun Convent. Pixie seeks solace with nuns but finds herself seduced by Brenda instead!

Dear Diary, Pamela cock shames Janeen in the new video: Bullying her Big Boner. Janeen always thought she was well-endowed until she met Pamela. With her huge cock Pamela also comes her huge ego. Pamela tells Janeen to get on her knees and lick her giant dick stump. Janeen straddles Pamela's penis like a she would a ride a horse and rubs up and down her thick long shaft. Pamela instructs Janeen to jerk herself off and cum onto her own face. Janeen gets carried away and cums on both of their faces. Janeen then strokes Pamela off and she unleashes a mountain of cum everywhere.

Dear Diary, Thera goes for a solo facial in the new photoset: Sultry Woman with Stiffy. She is home alone with a huge hardon, so naturally she jerks herself off until she splooges all over herself!

Dear Diary, Adela turns Ivana into a sexual deviant in the new video: Click to Turn On her Dick. Adela is a self-professed sex addict and she seeks help with therapist Ivana. Adela tries her best to be on good behavior, but her hypersexual nature gets the better of her. She knocks Adela out with her serpent shlong and sets it up so that she controls Ivana's sex drive with a click of her remote control. She turn Ivana into a sex fiend and gets Ivana to fuck her ravenously. As Adela rides Ivana's cock, she starts cumming everywhere. Then Adela takes her serpent cock and shoves it into Ivana's pussy until Ivana spews enormous amounts of cum from her dick!

Dear Diary, new model Tina Trousersnake makes her photo debut along with Pauline and Summer in: Frenzied Fuck Bunnies. The three love bunnies suck, fuck, and cum all over each other!

Dear Diary, Mandy gets herself off in the new video: Solo Semen Shower. She walks into the shower hot and horny, immediately starts stroking her thick cock. She sits down, sucks herself off and gives herself a foot job. She vigorously jerks her dick until her thick cum shoots out of her cock hole and all over her face.

Dear Diary, Janeen gets her fill of Pamela's penis in the new photoset: Bully her with Big Boner. Pamela is an alpha female with her giant cock and she makes sure that Janeen knows who the boss is.

Dear Diary, Lana interviews Becky in the new video: Cock Talk Show Spermathon. Becky is a guest on Lana's show and she tells Lana all of her dirty desires. Lana has Becky show off her tits and dick wagging talents. Then she stuff's Becky's long shlong into her mouth. Becky returns the favor by jerking and sucking both of Lana's limbs. Lana shows her guest some love by giving her a foot job and she tells Becky that she's really into messy facials. Becky, always a polite and willing guest cums all over Lana's face! Not to be outdone, Lana cums on both their faces for the show finale.

Dear Diary, Adela controls Ivana and makes her a willing sex participant in the new photo set: Click to Turn on Her Dick. Adela is a sex addict who goes to Ivana for help, but can't stop herself from having sex with Ivana.

Dear Diary, Elisa makes her video debut in: Thick Penis Piss Pervert. She takes big gulps of water and starts pissing on herself and showers herself with the warm, golden pee. She fills up a bucket and drinks from it so she can continue peeing. This turns her on so much that she starts jerking herself off and cums while drinking her piss.

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Dear Diary, Janeen, Priscilla, and Abby practice their cock talents in the new video: Sensual Sword Fighting Games. Priscilla and Janeen are preoccupied with fooling aroundinstead of training for their competition. Abby comes in and whips them into shape so that they can become champion cock fighters. She shows them how to last longer while sensuously rubbing dicks in a competition where the first cummer loses. Abby has the girls train in condom docking where they rub wieners inside a single condom. Priscilla loses that exercise by cumming into the condom and making it explode. Then Abby goes cockhead to cockhead with Janeen and also makes her cum. Finally, the girls gang up on Abby and force her to cum in a giant explosion of jizz.

Dear Diary, Lana interviews Beck in the new photoset: Cock Talk Show Spermathon. Lana gets down and dirty with her guest and exposes all of Becky's naughty talents.

Dear Diary, Pixie rings in the new year with some auto fellatio and fucking in the new video: Self Sexing Shlong Slut. She's the perfect girl, she knows it, and she wants to show off all her talents to you. She starts by sucking herself off while talking dirty. Then she bends over and smacks her ass with her own serpent shlong. She jams her cock into her tight twat and cums all over her own face!

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Dear Diary, Priscilla, Abby & Janeen get cocky and cummy in the new photoset: Sensual Swordfighting Games. They duel with their dicks by rubbing and tugging at each other!

Dear Diary, Summer shares her dirty little secret with you in: Controlled by Hypersexed Cock. Summer is caught off guard as she's napping and she notices that you've seen her fully erect cock. She is a little ashamed that everything that she does has to revolve around satisfying her insatiable appetite to cum all the time. She talks to you about what it feels like to have to constantly ejaculate and then she shows you what she does to appease her sexual hunger. She strokes her cock over and over again and she gives herself at least three facials in different positions on the lounge. There is so much cum, she end up wallowing in her own pile and rubbing it all over herself!

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Dear Diary, Cathy and Thera show you how they like to jerk off in the new video: Dirty Talking Dick Teasers. They know that you're back to watch them stroke their big hard dongs and they love that you are watching them. They tell you and show you exactly how they want it and they make you jealous that you're not there with them. Cathy and Thera exchange hand jobs and show off their asses and titties while they tug on their boners. They tell you to get on your knees so they can wag their dicks over your face and finish themselves off with big hot facials!

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